The Luowuzhe com sequence of events will go commercial it out

Google announced in 23 out of Chinese, temporary dwelling in Hongkong Chinese. Although temporarily unable to display their aspirations, but not to be expelled. Google webmaster is not the most important search engine more easy to use, and his advertising and PR. It is for this reason that Nagato one-sided wish Google station will not leave China, but it still choose to leave, leave China, advertising and PR the suspense for us to guess the


Google is gone, everyone wants to snatch it left behind, the recent Baidu and Ali mother would snatch Google advertising share, but who can grab the biggest cake?

IT according to a well-informed sources, Baidu and Ali mother intends to acquire the largest forum to please the laggards, personal webmaster, develop their own advertising business. I feel the laggards may accept the Alibaba Hydrangea, laggards is just in Hangzhou Shaoxing, the Alibaba in Hangzhou, such negotiations more smoothly. Ma Yun in order to develop their own "blue whale", must grab before Baidu and individual owners together, had wanted to beat like Baidu may underestimate the individual owners, but Ma is bound to attract individual owners.

and the domain name has been left behind people do not understand the meaning of it, im286 either pinyin or English can not explain the representative of the laggards. has lived in seclusion in a foreign country, and recently has been the domestic buyers purchase, but the name is: Dong Qing Feng contacts (Dong Qinfeng). This is allegedly a Alibaba gave the laggards gift, and fish also accept the gift, but the specific condition is not only what? False Kaixin case, let everyone know how to protect the domain name. Had the rice farmers willing to buy this domain name, but foreign holders of the price is 10 thousand dollars, then the laggards in settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, until the forum appear before people, and pay attention to its existence. I asked a few senior minon, the domain name may be purchased within 100 thousand RMB. With, no longer afraid of cottage version!

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