Why does Alipay take free mode no longer face risk to charge

following year WeChat announced Alipay to pay fees, and free to say bye bye.

and Tencent was simple and direct even slightly rough way compared to the Alipay fees notice under the foot work, called the PR model.

is the first to express their own 12 years of unremitting efforts to free service, and to compliment the support of users, and then confess their cost pressure, to adjust the policy of cash to start charging for users. He stressed that free is still the main theme, lists numerous free items, and to get a free cash amount through the accumulation of sesame integral way; the way to the gold owners own a lollipop, currently signed Tmall and Taobao are still free sellers. Notice at the end of the retreat, move again, Daniel, said he was very understanding of users may be disappointed, but will be used to make up for the better service and so on.


is not finished Oh, Alipay finally attached close Q& A, on issues of concern to the user answers one by one, and provides relevant solutions. Overall, very soft and user psychology.

why Alipay braved the risk to face charges of


and in the first half when WeChat announced the implementation of cash payment charges, Alipay’s answer is very sure: no charge. It has also become a hit in the face of irrefutable evidence, a lot of friends over half a year ago to ridicule or scold micro-blog.

risked being scolded, also announced the charges, widely causes Alipay to do so may have two points: one is indeed the cost of fees than they can afford, but certainly more money ma Dad doesn’t want to make money; two is Alipay can afford the cost, but may face regulatory the pressure, and to.

on the Internet a lot of people tend to the latter, pointing to the monopoly of the banking sector, but to tell the truth, I believe that the former, why?

because regardless of whether Alipay and other three party payment company to user fees, settlement between the bank and the bank service fee will be received without error, that is to say whether Alipay shifted to the user cost, the interests of banks and did not suffer any damage. Moreover, if there is a piece of paper in the legend of the word, then Alipay and Tencent had synchronous charging policy, as of July 1st of the third party payment system as the real name, after all again niubable dad could not have resistance to the central bank and the CBRC’s thigh.

therefore, not even rule out another possible, is that Alipay can afford the cost, but to see WeChat to pay fees also did not affect what substantive (such as the loss of customers, reduce the transaction did not occur, and even promote the use of WeChat users to pay consumption habits), simply direct charge got. After all transaction fees a year down is a large piece of meat, as the original promise forever free, users at most a few days used to scold. What’s more, the number of users of these cash transactions, Alipay does not have.

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