Domestic Cloud Computing from concept to application

finally see the real landing cloud computing." See Beijing Piaoqi snowflakes, friends CEO Yao Hongyu in the December 12th meeting of the 2012 World Conference on cloud some regrets.

since the Silicon Valley home, and broadband capital chairman Tian Suning co founded the friends of the friends of the system, Yao Hongyu has been in the field of cloud computing for more than 5 years. Now, the status quo of the development of domestic cloud computing finally let him feel gratified.

cloud computing, from the beginning we do not know, to quickly improve, and then to hype. This year, although we also mention cloud computing, but certainly not so much last year, but this is a good thing. Finally with snow, really down, silent." Yao Hongyu said.

in fact, not only for the friends of the friends of the system, for the entire IT industry, cloud computing has entered a new stage of landing.


cloud computing is called after mainframe, the personal computer and the Internet fourth IT industrial revolution, there are three main ways of landing, namely: SaaS, Software-as-a-Service software as a service; PaaS, Plartform-as-a-Service platform as a service; IaaS, Infrastructure-as-a-Service infrastructure as a service.

a few years ago, cloud computing in the country is still stuck in the concept of the stage, a lot of experts and scholars in some of the public cloud computing are discussed in the end what is cloud computing".

from the beginning of 2010, the industry began to focus on the development of cloud computing for the IT industry and economic life what kind of impact. But soon, cloud computing in the country there is a great leap forward development. Not only the domestic large and small companies continue to introduce their own cloud computing strategy, many local governments have invested in the construction of cloud computing center. Cloud computing has become one of the most popular concepts and topics.

however, this "hot" wave of cloud computing seems to be just a bubble in the calculation because with no reality whatever, enthusiasm for the clouds in the atmosphere, the majority of people are in the concept of speculation, very few people to think seriously about cloud computing can do what? What is the future direction of


in some industry experts believe that the essence of cloud computing should be the application, if there is no application, any architecture and platform are meaningless. But in the past few years, there is almost no mature application cases.

Chinese 2010 IT Leadership Summit, Baidu CEO Robin Li has had two years to comment on stir cloud, he believes that cloud computing is "old wine in a new bottle, nothing new". Tencent CEO Ma Huateng also believes that, like the use of water and electricity, like the use of cloud computing resources, there is room for imagination, but too early.


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