Piracy crackdown to strengthen the small and medium literary website

Admin5 webmaster network news, in November 24th, Shanda literature to fight piracy again. "I love pirate sites uncovered a large literature literature network piracy case. "I love literature network operators were sentenced to imprisonment for 10 months and fined 100 thousand yuan. It is understood that "I love literature net profit to 40 thousand yuan a month, through the infringement of the network literature published profit. Without the permission of the rights of the people under the circumstances, the illegal reproduction and dissemination of Shanda literature of the Chinese network of the starting point of the "X – Dragon era", "the destruction of Diablo" and a total of 500 works, including a number of best-selling works. At present, the domestic literature website piracy serious, after a number of literary websites have been shut down due to copyright issues, the station was a huge fines or criminal penalties.

grand fight against piracy this year, a number of novel sites were closed

grand literature as the network literature the big boss, starting point Chinese network’s after years of development has become the largest online literature series to share and exchange platform, brings together many Internet writer and has many popular network of literary works copyright. In recent years through the acquisition of Hongxiutianxiang, Xiaoxiang College website development. Shanda literature CEO Hou Xiaoqiang had previously said that since the beginning of the birth of the network literature, there is the issue of piracy. Piracy on the network literature industry erosion, the Internet literary creators naked steal the results of the behavior, not only illegal, but also for the entire network literature industry means a heavy blow. As the leader of the network literature, the direct infringement of copyright infringement of the interests of Shanda literature, so in recent years, Shanda literature has repeatedly joint police to combat piracy network literature. In 2011 alone, there are "520 novels" and "Wansong Chinese network", "long by" and other literary sites because of piracy was closed. It is understood that the "long by over 5000 films, 520 novels had publicly revealed its monthly income reached 3 million, while the long Chinese Wansong website was sentenced to three years imprisonment and a fine of 150 thousand. Due to piracy, there have been a number of literary webmaster punished by temptation and jailed, chained and thrown into prison.

primary and secondary literary website piracy infringement whirlpool

The destruction of several

novel website, marking the giant network literature to the grand literature led on piracy industry chain attack is just the beginning. The grand literature in the network literary world’s influence is huge, and the site has a small literature website incomparable advantages in capital, manpower and other aspects, the use of legal weapons on the regulation of literary website piracy, can be said to be hard to resist the small literature website. Moreover, regardless of the development of the Internet or the relevant laws and regulations to protect the object, the primary and secondary literature websites are also in a weak position. Because of the piracy phenomenon is serious, even if there is no infringement of the regular novel website, is likely to have been implicated in the whole literature due to the small website piracy website to whirlpool, the legitimate interests of the relevant departments of the attention and protection. A >

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