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Internet business frequency trap down door behind the circle: user enthusiasm over the safety investment of

each reporter Zhang Sifa from Beijing

June 1st, China ushered in the second national network security awareness week. On the eve of the national network security awareness week, all kinds of network security incidents, accidents followed. At the end of May, just 3 days, there is a Alipay, Ctrip, eLong and other Internet Co has failed.

in today’s society, "Internet plus" is to promote public innovation, the surging wave of entrepreneurship, "Internet plus" to speed up the flow of information on the Internet, from the whole society to each individual, the dependence on the Internet is more and more strong, corresponding, business information, personal information leaks and abuse potential risks, people get over all kinds of network security issues may also become more and more. Therefore, the network security system should also be gone.

recently, Alipay for "fiber cut" interrupt service hours, Ctrip for "wrong operation" system paralyzed for nearly 12 hours, the major brokerage website also "temporary congestion caused by the collective logon failure. Can not transfer, can not be traded…… The outage inconvenience to the people. Some netizens ridicule that this is a spade "industrial 0.5 tackles" industrial "Internet plus 4". However, the cause of downtime is not accidentally lost, behind all the outage, network security vulnerability, shocking. How to "Internet plus" build a strong security barrier, has become more and more urgent problem. In China, most of the Internet Co did not have the overall solution, there is no regular investigation of the security issues of the system." Rising security experts Tang Wei told the "daily economic news" reporter said, the inertia of thinking mainly originates from Internet companies experience, especially in the wave of mobile Internet, a large number of entrepreneurial companies will spend in mind how to get traffic circle to the user, security awareness is very weak, it is very dangerous.

frequent accidents or not coincidence

with the arrival of the era of intelligent, personal life and social production, operation will be bundled with the "Internet plus depth", with the end of the month some Internet companies frequent network downtime, so frequent network paralyzed the outside world can not help but ask: the outage is a coincidence, or A thing has its cause. today’s Internet companies? It is so fragile? "Is not a coincidence, the moment has come to the (Network) security problems exposed, the outbreak of the node." Security expert Tian Jiyun on the daily economic news reporter, said a few years ago, Internet Co in the process of competition for the market to ignore network security, for the outbreak of the current security risks buried.

Tian Jiyun further said that the system take the Ctrip paralysis, although Ctrip official notification is a man-made accidents, and the data is not lost, but such problems should not, as a large Internet Co, with operational errors caused the system paralyzed for nearly 12 hours, this.

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