Every Monday emotion infused with words

Google good luck button, according to a VP Google said it is very important, you can increase the Google search machine a little human touch.



, however, I have forgotten that I have not. I’ll search the related information, you are so cattle, you help me to find the most relevant to those who want to come, don’t bet what luck ah, good luck can be seized, bad luck will not search?


Baidu did not do so, but they put the search button changed to "Baidu", not surprising?

users will think: this Baidu do what ah? How about a little? After the point, the user saw the search results, found the answer. Oh Do not know the problem, Baidu look, you know.. Baidu, you know, this is the slogan of Baidu (Slogan). Baidu’s design, clever brand factors into the user’s real interactive experience. Let them experience to echo the Baidu brand slogan.

but today’s topic is about the emotional design, Google did not arouse my passion for some kind of gambling, Baidu, and seems to be flat, no emotional appeal. However, Flickr has been trying to use words to express their personality:


every time Flickr will become a gimmick to log in with the user to greet. The use of the Dutch, I also brought some educational component, you know how to use the Holland greeting now (Now you know how to hi in Dutch!). Does this mean nothing? Put on the local Chinese website, engage in this set of natural meaning. Don’t forget that context is Flickr international, everyday users from around the world to see each other each other’s pictures, language is a important factor to communicate now Flickr every day just like a lovely parrot like you tease me, I tease you ~

In the face of the

language Flickr to say hello, perhaps you will smile, not too much what emotional expression. But when this page comes out, I’m really happy:


every day concerned about the amount of Feed subscriptions blogger, one day to open the Feedburner again this statistical site, originally only my Feeds label, suddenly impressively wrote: my Feeds is invincible! I feel shy, this is simply a fart, but this, I really want to own the Feeds love, I really love it.

login again, found that the above changed: my Feeds subscription is mushrooming

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