The United States to strengthen the management of the domain name of the domestic station move outsi

    Admin5 webmaster network news, in March 23rd there are news that the United States government issued a court decree in recent months, for the seizure and closure of the site’s policy has been adjusted. Any.Com,.Net,.Cc,.Tv,.Name domain name suffix for the site, including the site registered outside the United States government can shut down. "In our website" (the United States to combat counterfeiting and piracy software website action), the United States has been using its world domain name infrastructure control closed some considered trading of fake and shoddy goods website. Will also expand the scope of the fight against overseas websites to include sports gambling sites. The typical case is the United States government to break the laws of gambling in the United States to close a gambling site in canada.

this policy came out, a lot of people think that the Internet in foreign countries this behavior is inappropriate, and criticized. The U.S. government’s response is very direct, they say they have the right to control the.Com,.Net,.Cc,.Tv,.Name domain name. We all know that.Com,.Net,.Cc,.Tv,.Name top-level domain name root server control and management in the United states. The management of the top-level domain name is managed by the internet name and address distribution agency ICANN, which is controlled by Verisign. This means that all top-level domain related management agencies are in the United States, and the U.S. government can always intervene in the domain name management. More direct, for the domain name, the U.S. government has absolute control. The United States has a relative freedom of the Internet, but the Internet content is also very serious violations of law and infringement. The introduction of the new policy, marking the United States will control the scope of the world’s domain name infrastructure will continue to expand the scope of illegal infringement of the site overseas. This means that not only the United States and the United States registered outside the country to engage in illegal activities will be dealt with, foreign websites registered in the United States and engage in illegal activities, will also be severely punished.

has domestic users ridicule comments to the United States, a new domain name management, can be described as the domestic Internet management policy learning. By the end of 2009, the ministry launched a series of illegal activities for the domestic Internet site remediation activities, a number of illegal websites were closed. While the policy across the board is also a lot of other sites have been implicated. Then the implementation of CNNIC CN new domain name, prohibit individuals registered CN domain, CN domain name system. After two years, the CN domain name began to decline, prohibit individuals registered and tedious process that many webmaster "real name system on CN domain, CN domain name" color trust also fell sharply. That year, the implementation of one yuan registration policy has accumulated tens of millions of users has now dropped to the level of millions. According to CNNIC latest statistics show that as of February 2012 the total CN domain has dropped to 3319776. The closure of a large number of illegal websites and CN domain name of the new deal, some of the defects, so that CN domain name

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