Wireless web site into a new battlefield

goes through the notebook computer, only in the mobile phone on the fingertips on the site to play games, browsing fashion information, Taobao orders…… Wireless web site mobile Internet is gradually infiltrated into the daily life of more and more Hangzhou fashion people. In the face of this booming potential business opportunities, the local integrated portal is not secure screen. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Wenzhou hotline, Wenzhou hotline has been moved on the phone, to join the battle for the wireless internet. This also means that even after the Wenzhou hotline even if the user does not have a computer, you can also visit the Wenzhou hotline or wzrx wireless site via mobile phone.

mobile phone users into a pot of gold

‘will’ move ‘on the phone, our goal is China’s about 50000000 mobile phone users." Wenzhou hotline of the relevant responsible person revealed his ambition". In his view, after years of development, Wenzhou hotline has become a fashion, entertainment, games and other services based comprehensive local portal, a number of local fans have fixed.

launched WAP services, 3G opened the era of the web site — wireless web site mobile phone Internet service, in order to Wenzhou hotline of the traditional Internet service extends to the field of wireless Internet, mobile phone users to attract many eyeballs. In order to better cast Internet users good, the site will strengthen the content of entertainment information services, personalized characteristics of mobile entertainment portal transformation. China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), the twenty-first China Internet development statistics report shows that China’s mobile phone users reached 50 million 400 thousand people, accounting for the total number of Internet users of 24%.

wireless web site to open up new business opportunities

in fact, in addition to the various sites, mobile phone users are being more and more companies eyeing. Before, I, a Hangzhou silk culture as the starting point of the silk products professional sellers registered opened the wireless web site, the mobile phone users can log on the mobile phone browser can access through mobile phone message ordering Hangzhou silk products. "We have done a survey found that mobile phone users group has a very prominent feature, the pursuit of fashion and easy to accept new things, such as entertainment, clothing, digital and other industries customer spending power is relatively strong." Wenzhou hotline relevant responsible person revealed. Obviously, with the development of 3G applications, 600 million mobile phone users will increasingly highlight the wireless Internet business opportunities. "It would be expected that the number of mobile phone users will also appear" blowout "is not an exaggeration to say that the wireless Internet is becoming the new battleground in the war for the future of each website." China Internet Network Information Center, a responsible person said.

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