Chunshuitang a Adult supplies electricity supplier sample when the industry ushered in the outbreak

until 5 years ago, Lin Degang still figuring out how to put his line Adult supplies the number of stores expanded to more than two hundred. Now, the common scripts education users in micro-blog middle-aged people should be considered with the electricity supplier side, he founded the Adult supplies electricity supplier brand chunshuitang 2013 sales expected to reach 100 million yuan of scale, but even so, he and his team of 50 people are still at the edge of the circle of business.

In fact,

Lin Degang Adult supplies business from the beginning of the electronic commerce. After graduating from the Department of physics of Nankai University, Lin Degang done engineers, open a restaurant, and his first Internet startup in 1999 to do is the domestic version of the Alibaba, but only 8 months after the collapse of the bubble had stopped. After he went to continue his life Engineer By 2002, e-commerce began to sprout, Lin Degang began his third venture: chunshuitang.

chose Adult supplies as a starting point, is a relatively low capital threshold and the profit rate is high enough, the two is Lin Degang think this industry is very private, suitable for Internet sales, the future will have a big development. Spent 3000 yuan, Lin Degang to find someone to do a website, began his business career Adult supplies.

in the first 3 years, chunshuitang no matter from which point of view is like a coat of the self-employed business, until the end of 2003, the company’s employees only 3 people, one is also Lin Degang themselves, two are customer service and delivery. But by the 65% to 75% of the gross margin, the annual spring house can bring hundreds of thousands of income for Lin degang. But as a business, it is worth mentioning that the growth rate of. By the end of 2005, Lin Degang started thinking about how to make the hall into a country of the Adult supplies channel brand, can be the final result of thinking is to do loop join.

and the European and American markets, the Adult supplies industry in Chinese has a huge growth space, but in 20 years, the poor industry like frozen, has not been much development, even online business is the same. Lin Degang estimated at the line of domestic market Adult supplies the total size of only about 30 billion.

began in 1990s from the mainland market in China, the kind of dim light so that parents with children under the line has been the main channel for the sale of adult supplies. In these stores, often on the shelves of 1/3 inflatable dolls, vibrating rods and other adult toys, and the rest of the shelves are filled with Viagra, 2/3 and other kinds of oil can enhance the ability to enhance the auxiliary products. However, compared with Europe and the United States mature adult goods market, the number of stores in the country has not been the number of stores into the explosive growth.

for domestic consumers, in addition to condoms in adult products category, other categories almost no high visibility of the brand." In Germany

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