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online on the electricity supplier meet the eye everywhere, in case of failure of the electricity supplier, is in the development of the Internet under the condition of rapid development platform, a few years ago, a network of garment industry Direct Selling Company PPG after a period of glorious development ultimately because of the broken capital chain to fail.

There are many

now do business failed, because the electricity supplier failure is beyond count, but there are a few reasons accounting for more capital chain rupture, corporate mismanagement, reason domain is not down to earth and so on to end some business groups failed to escape the.

We know that

PPG is because funding strand breaks lead to failure, so the heat off network what is the reason causing its death result? About the heat off network maybe a lot of people do not understand or not heard, hot off first below a brief introduction, and company name is Shanghai hot off the Agel Ecommerce Ltd, founded in March 2011, is a portable fashion hot products consisting mainly of large-scale comprehensive online shopping platform, with high quality, high price for light ripe old crowd tailored a most upscale shopping platform to meet their needs. Why such a shopping platform in the era of rapid development of the Internet failed to win?

needless to say, we all know now with Taobao, Jingdong and Tmall such a big business, in this one, others is not easy to go beyond age, not to mention this is more than three large electricity providers, electricity providers want to in this period but entrepreneurial success you do better prepared than others in order to make, the chances of success. Like hot passenger network, although the establishment of more than two years, but we have to admit that he had done before, or how could the electricity supplier in the road to go for two years?

hot passenger network can now open the home page, but men, women and other columns are now inaccessible. The reason lies in its net exposure to heat off the death domain is not down to earth, I think there is some truth, because I also pay attention to the business domain, such as Taobao, Jingdong, is always so easy to remember, however, it is not hot off, he is using, a domain name that let how do people remember how easily remembered, so that the heat off the death domain is not down to earth I think not without reason.

is an entrepreneur who wants to achieve success, each one should pay attention to the details, the details determine success or failure, such a vivid case in front of our unexpected, did you know that now fierce social competition and the importance of the details. Here A5 webmaster network ( editor to remind the majority of entrepreneurial friends, whether you are the Internet business or other industries worth mentioning, in short, do not let the details beat you. Here, also wishes the new friends can realize their dreams of wealth


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