WeChat gentle like Ali’s small nails are trembling

recently, before Ali employees, now the quality of CTO Fenng posted a screenshot in micro-blog, a time fueled hot, because there is a screenshot application icon called "WeChat



allegedly, this enterprise WeChat will be officially launched in April!

a, WeChat has the enterprise number, why do business WeChat?

1, 2B market is very hot this year

2C last year the fire was in a complete mess, the fire was finally a feather, with tragic tragic to describe, a little too


IDG: 2B with Xiong Xiaoge’s call to arms market may be venture beyond the BAT


the wind began to blow toward 2B!


Tencent can not pay attention to!

2, Ali

nail, forshare Qashqai recently very moist


nail with gene in Ali, is to beat WeChat enterprise momentum, there is an internal message nail is the only team to get Ali group innovation rewarded


today, a nail kept 10 per month million new subscribers growth, Ali finally with nail cast a line of defense, the Tencent is a big threat, because Ali nails may become enterprise "WeChat".


and the leading domestic SaaS enterprises to enjoy off the customer as a domestic enterprise class service products in the most influential service providers, has announced the completion of a new round of E round of financing in March 7th.

and mobile sales management tools from the previous upgrade to a one-stop mobile office platform, free version of office, officially renamed the "forshare qashqai". By the media as "barbarians admission"


IM China as the world’s most cattle Tencent, how can the market for over


3, users do not want companies and individuals mixed together, Zhang Xiaolong is not willing to

Zhang Xiaolong has been advocating simple is beautiful, the beginning of the micro channel social acquaintances to the present life and work are mixed in there, it is not willing to see Zhang Xiaolong.

at the same time for the user, line of work and life becomes fuzzy, think made a circle of friends also have to consider what should not let colleagues see what sycophant words can never let parents see friends, is not very tired mentally tired?



, but also the development of work and life, the WeChat team is also very tired!

for example: WeChat

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