How many core users can make the site profitable

one of the reasons why Chinese people can not do things is too good language, mathematics is too poor, often the logic and direction are right, but not the resources and the key points clearly arranged. And I’m a typical chinese. Therefore, to strengthen the practice of mathematics.

yesterday and the public in the elder brother, another problem. We calculate the results and conclusions attached, welcome everyone to calculate, put forward different answers.

one question, how many people in China every day online

data all from CNNIC’s January 2008 report.

according to the total number of Internet users 210 million, the proportion of Internet sites, age ratio, the proportion of posts, the proportion of Internet time. Remove 25 million Internet practitioners, there are more than 80 million Chinese Internet users every day for more than 2 hours. Ah, what a beautiful figure.

(Note: 25 million the origin of the Internet practitioners, CNNIC statistics have more than 25 million hours a week online access to more than 40 hours, on weekdays is a day of 8 hours, only practitioners can do so. Of course, the Internet practitioners, including in the Taobao shop, and the writing of the network novel).

Chinese claimed on PV day tens of millions of users billions of dollars or independent website with 12. QQ, Baidu, GOOGLE, YAHOO, Sina, Sohu, NetEase,, Taobao, Youku, potatoes, 56. (not in the online game). We are in accordance with the contribution of 1 users to calculate the PV, the average daily users of these 12 sites add up to.

60 million +5000 Wan +1000 Wan +4000 Wan +2000 Wan +1000 Wan +1000 million +1000 million +1000 million =2.8 million independent users in +4000.

in addition, there are 1500 commercial websites in China, with an independent user of about 200 million.

that is 80 million hours a day to access the Internet for 2 hours, in more than 2 hours, more than 6 commercial sites, and to the above 12 sites in the contribution of more than 10 PV.

inference, the Internet has to adapt to the bragging game. Scared to death, not worth ah ~

question two, the number of Internet content in China

CNNIC said that in December 06, the Internet has 4 billion pages, by the year of December, the Internet has 8 billion pages. That is, 07 years a year, the content of the Internet is equal to the sum of the total capacity of the previous ten years.

07 years, what causes the Internet to increase the content of the page?


Sina 49 million, SOHU4500 million pages, 45 million pages, 45 million pages NetEase.


page is basically the same. Guess whether content is basically the same? In the spider rampant today, who can say that he is the one and only website data?

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