Stationmaster net monthly business news channel DC exceeded 150 thousand

webmaster network IDC platform (   founded in September 2007, after less than half a year’s efforts, we are now a single month business breakthrough 150 thousand. 3000 new members per month.

currently station network IDC channel, the main domestic and international domain name registration, network agent and server three large space flat-share.

in the domain name registration in the domain name Chinese adhere to the $1 cost of registration. More than 5000 registered monthly.
| Wd=1%D4%AAcn& cl=3; hl=zh-CN& q=1%E5%85%83cn& meta=&? Aq=f  domain name registration in the search relevant keywords we also occupy a strong in Baidu GOOGLE and other search, 1 yuan CN is always the first position.

international domain name registration and renewal to $60 price, to provide more affordable and convenient to the webmaster. At any time to turn out and transferred, without any restrictions and facial expressions, a great convenience to the owners of the transfer and transaction. Currently maintains a strong momentum of registering more than 1000 international domains per month. This should also be a leading position in the IDC business community.

In the aspect of flat-share

server. We are in a short span of three months, launched the fourth phase of the flat-share server is currently only available for PHP server and China Telecom. Temporarily do not take into account the ASP and double lines. In order to create the most concentrated energy products. The server flat-share promised three days rent, a full refund.

in the face of a large number of IDC industry services, we need to do a lot of a lot, the current main channel in the crowd, combined with the characteristics of the webmaster to do IDC products. Due to the virtual host management trouble, and bandwidth requirements, we do not consider doing the business of virtual host. All the virtual host service for the largest host agent Chinese China network products.   in addition to the virtual host, in the Admin5 home page advertising, a lot of very good IDC company, please choose the corresponding.

in the spring of 2008 has started quietly in the company, the website and the webmaster to create their own brand products in Qili brand, our IDC channel, also used to make a solid foundation for domain name registration, Admin5 server flat-share, space agency.

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