Ma Yun meets with President Trump plans to create a million jobs in the United States within 5 years


technology news in January 10th, according to CNBC reports, the Alibaba group (New York stock exchange code: BABA) executive chairman Ma Yun (micro-blog) will be on Monday and was elected president of the United States Donald · Trump (Donald Trump) meeting, to create 1 million new jobs in the United States the problem in the next five years to discuss.

, a spokesman for Alibaba and Trump, said the meeting will focus on the group’s U.S. expansion plan.


CNBC news screenshot


CNBC news screenshot

During his campaign for president, Trump proposed a tariff on Chinese imports. Trump has also been criticized for Amazon’s e-commerce giant with Alibaba group, saying it will face some problems in his tax structure because of his presidency".

In an interview with CNBC last year,

Ma Yun said he was not worried about the Anti China sentiment in the US presidential campaign. "Someone has to stand up and say," we shouldn’t be anti trade." He said at the time.

Alibaba owns extensive coverage of international business, ranging from many areas of e-commerce to logistics, compared with the number of doing business in China market American Technology Corp occupies a dominant position.

"I think foreign technology companies will be successful in china." Michael, President of Alibaba group, · (Michael) in Vanity Fair in San Francisco last fall, hosted by the 2016 New Establishment Summit summit, said on the Evans. "I also believe that China and other technology companies will be able to succeed in the United States and Europe, Alibaba group is likely to be the same. But for us, it is a challenge, the most difficult part of the global goal."


Michael, President of Alibaba · Evans (left), the president of the trip to drip,

if the two sides to reach a deal, Alibaba group will be elected after Trump, a series of commitment to create jobs in the United States, the latest one. Prior to this, the Japanese technology giant Softbank has reaffirmed a commitment after a meeting with Trump, the content will create 50 thousand jobs in the United states.

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