Sogou search mobile client 3 exclusive push WeChat headlines

[Abstract] Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan said, now we can do, is even more impossible to achieve competitors."

Tencent science and technology news (Le Tian) January 19th news, Sogou today officially released Sogou search mobile client 3, claiming that the client has a local life, scan code parity, WeChat headlines of the top three features.


said, Sogou search mobile client 3 on-line WeChat headlines, get support from Tencent, through Sogou search on WeChat big data analysis and application, through WeChat login, identity label, intelligent recommendation and sharing, allowing users to focus their interest in the massive WeChat quickly find the contents of the public number in, get personalized reading experience.

Sogou search mobile client 3 "WeChat headlines", claimed by Sogou search technology processing ability, through the support of WeChat account login, user interest spectrum recognition, perfect classification and automatic identification tag technology, attention to user behavior feedback, analysis and integration of WeChat big data, follow up the change of user interest, to meet the wisdom the user different reading needs.

said Sogou search, big data analysis of the contents of the public number based on WeChat, Sogou search mobile client 3 "WeChat’s headlines, to recommend content classification innovative use of political control, the hand piece, science and technology, and other fine character attribute gossip coffee.

on the one hand, in line with the characteristics of the media platform from the media release, on the other hand, users can also identify the identity of the label, quickly find their own interest in the content, improve the efficiency of information acquisition and reading.

according to the user identity label, "WeChat headlines" can also be personalized recommendation corresponding topic and content, which in the understanding of user interest based on the precision, also can realize the scale of the individual push, shorten the process of user burdensome screening, in the fragmentation of time to realize the depth of reading, instead of living fast the lens shear rush to browse.

Sogou search WeChat headlines can also be customized channels, and support WeChat account login, WeChat article collection, as well as a key to share social networking and other functions.

Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan said: WeChat headlines on the line, Sogou cooperation with the deepening of the crystallization of Tencent. Sogou and Tencent based on complementary genes, as well as support from WeChat, Sogou search for the contents of the content to enhance the advantages of Sogou differentiation.

Wang Xiaochuan said, "now we can do more, competitors can not be achieved, contribute to the layout of the mobile search Sogou difference further, so as to realize the strategic goal of holding mobile search positive battlefield initiative."

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