The flow of direct business website offbeat unknown

video website, website, industry website, while tens of thousands of network researchers for Denver in these hot head broken and bleeding in the business, but always a harvest time, a young man named Xu Yang alone to find a new source of network.

since the beginning of this year, the investment domain is already in the record of the Xu Yang, with his technical team to start a new business network called "direct flow", after more than half a year, it is still unknown offbeat business, brought two or three earned $one hundred thousand a month has given him.


one person operates hundreds of thousands of sites

network industry, to meet the first sentence is "I am certain site", Xu Yang did not introduce themselves, because he does not run a few websites, but hundreds of thousands of small sites worldwide, has a number of such people (the company), a they said is "the man who owns the internet".

and other brightly coloured "different, Xu Yang development site is basically just a simple page, links with only 00 and most of them are English pages, reminiscent of the early days of the Internet eight or nine years ago.

"sites like this, even the manual operation, we can launch a ten minutes, then not, is money, ha ha," so shocking words, let a person feel this is not a "liar", is a "madman". However, more surprising is that he is a true story.

"you see this website," Xu Yang ten fingers on the keyboard to fly it, a simple web site jumped out, "Esaver is a well-known abroad cheap ticket code, we do not promote, every day there will be a lot of people automatically log on this site."

Xu Yang did not explain in detail, just smile to reporters. In fact, people who know the industry already know that the logic behind these eager to find a cheap ticket ", find" CheapAirlineTickets casual visitor "on the site" (cheap air tickets) links, and visitors are guided to ticket sales website, the "network fee", according to the American market, the price of each. Have one click can bring a few dollars income, even after the split, is not a small income.

Prior to

, Xu Yang’s character is a domain name investors, the hand has about two hundred thousand.Com and.Cn domain, in a very short period of time, which he originally as "inventory" domain name as a progressive activation of accessible website. This is just the beginning, a "new business domain parking" was started at the same time: all of any domain name, as long as the registration formalities at the platform on the Xu Yang, they can be generated for a domain name website, added to the whole website group, share revenue sharing.


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