The implementation of free mobile phone real name China dialogue double certification policy

December 10th news: China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) issued a notice, saying that from 10 onwards to carry out the domain name registration information rectification work, where the registration information is false domain name was canceled. The well-known domain name registrar "Chinese said it will fully cooperate with the guidance of CNNIC, launched a comprehensive free CN domain name authentication major action.

CNNIC pointed out in the notice, the domain name registration and agents should first explicitly require users to register with their real information, but also in the process of user registration, for a review, for the registered domain name, the center and the Registrar from 10, one by one audit, do not meet the conditions will be cancelled.

domain name registration "Chinese said," China will fully cooperate with the CNNIC of the real name system audit system, the major actions will push the real name authentication, mobile phone authentication authentication. The real name authentication will cooperate with the Ministry of public security, the identity of each user authentication. "Chinese solemnly said, in order to avoid the domain name registration information is not true because there may be cancelled, all new and old customers must be renamed Chinese through dual authentication.


China renamed pushing dual certification will be beneficial to the domain name registration information audit, current dual certification ensures that all free." "China said, in the future will continue to cooperate with the guidance of CNNIC, the real name authentication system to carry out in the end.

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