The most politically correct Silicon Valley issued a diversity report the result was scolded

Trump’s election as president of the United States has raised fears that the United States could be a serious setback in decades of political correctness. Therefore, as a watchdog role of the mainstream media in the United States, in the face of the election reported "Waterloo" after the failure, rather than usually pay more attention to the political right, strict supervision of the government and the enterprise and the society did not fall.

recently, Silicon Valley’s major high-tech companies have issued a diversity report, the media is not polite to their evaluation. In fact, Silicon Valley has been "diversity" – that is, to enhance the proportion of minority ethnic groups in the behavior of employees, one of the most perfect, even in the United States is a model. High tech companies in the general election in the blue camp without exception, to support Hilary to lead the United States to maintain the status quo, at a loss of Trump’s final counterattack. However, even so can not bring the mainstream media to their exemption.

media analysis of Google, Facebook, YAHOO, Microsoft, Airbnb and apple, the six companies in 2015, diversity report data. Their main criticisms include:

1 basic indicators of piaffe. Facebook, YAHOO, Airbnb and Google, the proportion of African Americans is only 1%, compared with 2014 almost no change.

2 simply to meet the KPI recruitment of minority employees, can not solve the superposition of two or more factors caused by the complex discrimination. For example, the majority of the diversity initiatives say they will hire more women, but the result is often more white women. The specific problems faced by colored women are often ignored.

3 in non white employees, the number of company employees was significantly higher than the Asian part of other ethnic groups, such as Airbnb white employees in several companies in the lowest proportion, 48%; but the technical team is not "diversification", of which 91% of the staff as white or asian.

4 with a contradiction is that Asian employees tend to be in the promotion process from the grassroots encounter obstacles, to refer to women’s "glass ceiling", a phenomenon known as "Bamboo Ceiling" (2005 proposed by Jane Hyun). Today, Asians are still serious absence in the executive team.




fundamentally, China is one of the most important countries in the world to oppose "political correctness". Chinese has always been that the "only", since the reform and opening up the social competition and fully embodies the law of the jungle, so for the "diversity" requirements of recruiting employees to achieve different ethnic hard flower pairing was very puzzled and disgusted.


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