Chinese station please focus on helping disadvantaged people unscrupulous rogue

write this article before I first introduce myself, I am a poor boy, born in 1987, junior middle school finished work, working days I wish I had to start empty-handed, network that is easy to start so I also live in the webmaster nets also among the webmaster community every day to listen to the predecessors experience.

I called just stay among the ranks of webmaster webmaster network forum, I admire the success of the predecessors, I hope for success but I also know that the gap between themselves and these predecessors, I have no culture, no professional knowledge even now not used to contact the office software, which is the CMSBBS program.

in the forum in life I have heard of the knowledge and experience of domain name and space related experience, and also apply for the domain name was PR3 in disorderly fashion, so the fantasy while working side of the business, do a website to sell local products is also good ah, after all, there are so many people online shopping


next year plans this year suffered relentless burst, first said that this year the brothers came to a factory work experience, a district of a contract, not only provides the working time for a month until the wages, wages that wages also need to get rid of a lot of fees and meals, 14 hours a day without any overtime, a month down to 1000 yuan or so, enough black workers to the labor bureau, no matter for myself left to go before (I hear the local people and the privately pressed took one month salary. The Bureau of labor for complaints to people to solve the problem, but did not punish enterprises which is equal to the laissez faire to continue the attack was very unhappy, I do not know what course do not know how to complain)

left the factory and a factory was not to see the contract, signed the contract will regret, 12 hours a day and now I don’t want to do, because I came to the factory without any Internet before training so in accordance with the labor law thirty-eighth to 30 days in advance a resignation report ready to leave, but they refused to tell I just want to terminate the contract to pay liquidated damages here did not resign to say, I am very angry, ready now to the Labor Bureau complaints

12 hours a day do not work overtime, work for 3 months did not give insurance, in accordance with the provisions of the labor law does not accept the resignation of illegal so much I want to see how the labor bureau to do

a friend told me when we can help the media when encountered such a thing, so I should help local media? That is in before I dare not, because I just want to get their money, perhaps this is my selfish thoughts, but now I think if everyone like me who is selfish I want to protect


perhaps only we have the courage to defend their rights to make the black heart of the enterprise to be punished, we only stand up to protect more brothers and sisters, only we have the courage to expose to let these countries to discredit the moth disappeared

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