Sources said Sina micro blog brewing spin independent development will introduce investment

September 2nd, according to informed sources, sina is brewing its micro-blog business spin off, independent operation, and is actively introducing foreign investment.

said the above, in order to ensure that micro-blog’s business has a better incentive mechanism, and the rapid development of sina has been in the operation of the independent development of spin off micro-blog business. At the same time, sina is considering the introduction of a micro-blog on the overall development of the business to help Internet Co to invest, and may introduce VC small part of investment, while Sina holdings to form a joint venture of micro-blog business operation.

for the above news, Sina micro-blog official said no comment.

in April this year, Sina set up a dedicated micro-blog products division, is fully responsible for the development, operation and planning of micro-blog products, general manager of the original product division Peng Shaobin, general manager of micro-blog products division.

23 days late last month, announced the opening of,, and other Weibo related domain, comprehensive earlier media reports, Sina’s move to prove that it has acquired almost all Weibo related domain name.

October 16, 2009, Sina successfully spun off its real estate and Home Furnishing channel assets, and the merger of China in Keer Rui letter in the room (CRIC), successfully landed on the nasdaq. From the shareholding ratio of CRIC the current market value of $1 billion 160 million and Sina 1/3, the resolution has been achieved about $387 million in assets, in addition to Sina, the new company will be about 30% of profits to sina.

analysts have predicted that the successful listing of CRIC to Sina and some other channels (such as auto channel, CNBC) spin off to create a template, the spin off, Sina can achieve asset value, enhance the welfare and enthusiasm of the relevant business personnel, contribute to enhance the competitiveness of sina.

previously, there was news that sina intends to spin off wireless business listing.

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