Tablet PC into the reshuffle period productivity tools or become the future trend

1994 in China fully functional access to the Internet, in 1995 after the China Telecom opened Beijing, Shanghai node two to access Internet, the Internet in the latest twenty years, the realization of a national Millennium had no transformation, and then catch a small part of the wave of the seemingly ordinary young people also, the legend became the current controlled commercial giant company, as a style, summon wind and call for rain. Especially in the past two years, the Internet has created a number of the rapid rise of the new star enterprises, these companies and the numbers behind the founder of all told the advantages of all things.

Internet has become the focus of most concern in the business, the traditional entity has begun a long-term transformation of the road. Throughout the past year, the biggest change in the home appliance circle, the identity of the champion is undoubtedly a low-key Hisense for many years to change the attitude of the year to maintain a high exposure rate. The fundamental reason for Hisense to maintain a leading edge is the ability to innovate products. As the most representative of the home appliance giant, in addition to the home appliance industry thriving, for mobile products, Hisense has long layout for many years, Hisense recently launched Hisense E9 tablet,   E81; after the new flat, this is a can call entertainment tablet, support   CNC high speed 4G LTE, the flagship of the whole function of a product.

Once launched

products, once again triggered a huge concern in the market. Hisense why choose this time to launch a full-featured tablet? For the domestic tablet market situation how to change? Hisense E9 and convey the home appliance giant what kind of aspirations? These issues are worthy of the entire industry to explore and ponder.

Tablet PC into the shuffle period, domestic brands will usher in new opportunities

2010 Jobs will be subversive which is between the mobile phone and notebook computer of the new electronic product called iPad to reveal to the public, the tablet computer will be launched by a strong market response, since this product has not only become the object imitated by many manufacturers, has become one of the classic brand of Apple Corp. Although six years by the impact of large screen smart phones, but there are still newcomers have entered, indicating that the market situation is far from saturated state. And the current status of the domestic Tablet PC market as well as a huge room for improvement, the dominance of Apple’s dominance because of a lack of innovation and precarious, the whole market may enter the shuffle period.  

According to the 2016

Q1-Q2 domestic tablet computer market brand awareness degree statistics changes, two foreign brands of apple, Samsung occupy the domestic market of the first and second place, and the attention of the top ten brands have nearly half of the foreign, Taipower, cube, ONDA the first to enter the market of domestic manufacturers and apple still exist a large gap. But from Apple’s fourth quarter report, revenue and net profit double down at the same time, in the Greater China region revenue fell 3>

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