South Korea’s 40 major sites were attacked by the presidential palace Chong Wa Dae Seoul in March 4th 40 major South Korean news website 4 days were distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks, relates to the presidential palace of Chong Wa Dae, the foreign ministry, the national intelligence service and other government departments, national banks and other financial institutions, as well as the famous search engine companies such as NAVER.

according to the monitoring, the attack from the local time at 10 a.m., lasted about 50 minutes. South Korea is expected to have 4 departments in the afternoon of the second round of attacks. Researchers have developed a special protection against the attack software for free download.

South Korean government immediately issued a network crisis alert". According to the severity of the crisis, the alert level of the Korean network crisis is divided into care, attention, vigilance, serious.

government also said it is being used to monitor the malicious code for close monitoring, and jointly with the relevant departments to take emergency measures to prevent a new round of attacks.

The basic concept of the

DDOS attack is to manipulate a number of computers to send a large number of seemingly legitimate service requests to the attack site, resulting in network congestion or server resources exhausted, unable to properly handle the legitimate user instructions. In recent years, the main site of South Korea suffered DDOS attacks occur.

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