Why ten years in the past has not been able to solve the problem of live broadcast jurisprudence

Christian believes that any man is guilty, their innate crime from its ancestors Adam and Eve, they violate God’s agreement, to eat the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the rebellious brought crime……


1, live the sin of what is


there is no doubt that a large amount of mobile video released the liberation of the content of the video, a variety of content instantly occupied our sight. It is reported that the mobile broadcast platform has more than 200, of which more than 110 have financing, covering more than 200 million users. However, when this cool form is really good for us to bring in more content is not known, the bad content has been blowing.

long before my mobile phone, the Sina News received a push, although only a media report Dongguan Yue female female anchor on suddenly when the news, but still close to the editor who wear on the three famous Shehuang live video:

1) the female anchor to wear black silk live horse riding;

2) female anchor forgot to turn off the camera, the sleeping process was broadcast;

3) gaming female anchor live strip, edge off the side say shy.


We have been talking about

as mobile intelligent mobile phone and the popularization of 4G live explosive development opportunity brought by, we have been talking about product architecture, in the chat operations, talking about business model, but forgot to light the other side there are always some dark.

due to the threshold of the content of the production of an unprecedented reduction, although the possibility of good content appears to improve, but the bad content must be accompanied by.

this is the original sin, good content and bad content can be the achievement of a platform, but the bad content can be faster achievement of a platform. The first gold rich, are often not so clean. For the live platform, in the early stage, whether it is user contention or financing wars, the impact may be decisive. Then, due to the increase in the influence of the platform, whether it is from the above or below the pressure, bad content on the platform gradually dissipated, good content to occupy the mainstream.

last month, reflecting the guest, pepper, in 40, unfamiliar street and other anchor broadcast platform because of jurisprudence be permanently banned, this is self published "Beijing network broadcast industry self-discipline" after being blacklisted because of irregularities of the first anchor. The Ministry of Culture issued a list of illegal investigation, not only has the betta, teeth, TV banners and Longzhu new broadcast platform, including YY, six rooms and 9158 other old show, all impressively. 2016, net action continues, we can not forget the lessons of nora.

I think, now the time node, the broadcast industry is very delicate. Before, we fight is the capital strength, the fight is the product operation, spell >

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