nformation times the future of the nternet community

although VC investment in Web2.0 heat is rapidly cooling, but the network community is increasingly hot. With the three portals, China YAHOO, Tencent, Baidu and other Internet giants have increased investment in the community, more and more attention to the network community. Recently, some Internet experts predict that the analysis, following the portal and search, the community will be the future development trend of China’s internet.

community new forces have risen

community is the future of the internet." May 15th, in the second session of the Internet community conference, many Internet experts on the development trend of the Internet to make such a judgment. Experts believe that with the behavior of Internet users to change the mode of interaction between the Internet, the application of the community platform more and more widely, the future of a successful business model, will be built on the basis of community.

According to iResearch

data, users are now stuck in the three major portals on the effective browsing time only the total access time of 19%, the remaining amount of time is spent in the community website, the community has become the mainstream of the Internet platform for Internet users polymerization.

Chinese Internet "leadership is not actually Sina, Sohu, NetEase, the three major portals, new forces but by Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba headed by the rapid rise of these new forces can, mainly they have strong community." The community has been optimistic about the development prospects of the Qihoo chairman Zhou Honghui think the existing pattern of the Internet so.

at present, in the country, with the absolute advantage in the field of community, Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu has been regarded as the new overlord of China’s internet. The QQ has 400 million registered users, to create the largest online community Tencent has been many analysts as is one of the most promising Internet companies, Alibaba and Taobao has become the China largest e-commerce platform and the community, in addition, Baidu also Baidu, Baidu know by creating Post Bar and Baidu space community further the first search engine to consolidate its position.

"whether it is online, or the electronic commerce, its business model is the foundation of community", Zhou Honghui believes that in the future of the Internet, if the Internet Co can not be used or ignored the community, community ideological guidance, reform of the product, or just put the community as an additional function, it will be eliminated.

traditional advertising model is not suitable for community

, however, it is worth noting that, although the community can aggregate a large number of Internet users, but the business model is still vague. Data show that China currently has 79 independent sites, more than 80% of the independent community. However, about 50% of the income of the community website still comes from advertising, a single profit model, most of the sites in the brink of loss.

in this regard, Zhou Honghui believes that the current community in the early stages of development, the business model is still in the exploration, but it is certain that online advertising is not the community "savior." instead, online advertising model and the community.

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