The shop name system strangling the small fish trading platform benefit

recently, the Interim Measures for the network behavior of commodity trading and related services management of State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the drafting of the "(Draft)" began soliciting opinions, the draft for many personally opened shop user requirements, provide true identity, and that "with registration requirements, apply for business registration in accordance with the law". The draft as soon as he announced it caused a heated debate: the vast majority of consumers expressed support, and the shop owner is generally to pay the registration fee "expressed concern.

is not mandatory personal shop license

the draft put through the e-commerce platform set up shop sellers clearly distinguish between legal and natural persons into two categories, the former in the operation of the shop, are required to disclose the business license and other information in the page prominently and personally set up shop for many users, "Interim Measures" shall apply to the said: "the operator provides the online trading platform service, submit the name and address of the real identity information. With the conditions of registration, the registration of industrial and commercial registration." According to the terms of the individual to open the shop to provide real personal information, but not all the shop must be one size fits all to the business sector registration. The draft also provides that, for those who do not have the conditions for registration of industrial and commercial registration of individual users, the platform service providers need to review the registration of their true identity information, and the establishment of registration files, regularly verify the update.

consumers believe in favor of rights

According to about "the State Administration for Industry and commerce network transactions public consultation survey, at 20:27 on April 5th, a total of 7682 people participated in the vote, 3741 people said" reasonable ", the ratio reached 48.7%, the overall number of over against.

at present, consumer complaints in the Internet showed a rapid growth trend. According to the Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Commerce and industry data released in March 9th showed that last year, Guangdong Internet complaints continued to heat up, online shopping, games and other complaints up to more than 2 thousand and 300, an increase of 275%. The network rights, an important problem is to find who rights issues. So for individuals to open the shop to provide true information, the majority of consumers believe that is conducive to the protection of their rights.

shop owner worried about being charged

personal shop owners are now most worried about the need to register with the business sector. Netizen "care" opened a shop, he said to the Yangcheng Evening News reporter: "in the past, what" fee "do not have to pay, if the industrial and commercial registration, not only have to pay a" registration fee ", may also have to pay personal income tax!" the netizen expresses, personally set up shop is the most important advantage low price, if the cost or increase the tax cost of the industrial and commercial registration, then the advantage will no longer exist, may have to consider whether or not to open shop.

for individuals to open an online shop to provide real information, the owner said understanding. Netizen blue The Danube, said: I have bought things online, but also cheated. Now I’m on the Internet

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