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A5 webmaster network February 8th news: 17 am, the spring of the year of the 2015 CCTV CCTV program released. CCTV released official micro-blog: "after the year of the goat show six rehearsals for the program after adjustment and modification, the 2015 CCTV Spring Festival Gala program tonight released version of the authority to finalize the program! If there is any change, to live for the new year’s eve."

        the annual Spring Festival Gala, perhaps the freshness has been worse than before. But the attention of the Spring Festival Gala is still unabated. The Spring Festival Gala is an introduction, just like the sound of thunder on the thirty, is the people with family busy a year come together to eat a sumptuous dinner hot best entertainment. The year of the sheep show we have reason to look forward to, also hope that the webmaster and Internet are busy in recent years and have a good rest, spend more time with his family, together to see the Spring Festival gala!

sheep Spring Festival Gala program is as follows:

1 opening "Sishitongtang Carnival" (Performer: Tao Yuling, Lei Kesheng, Kaili Zhang, Han Tongsheng,

Tong Dawei, Guan Yue,, Li Guangxi,

Yang Hongji, Liu Bingyi,, Geng Lianfeng,

Zhu Mingying, Guan Mucun, and)

2 song "the good children" (Performer: Fengyi Zhang, Duan Yihong, Zhu Yawen)

3 sketch "Happy Street" (Performer: Jia Ling, Sha Yi,, and)

4 Medley "star playing happy New Year"

(1) "good luck" (Performer: David Tao)

(2) "small town girl" (Performer: Zhang)

(3) "Peking Opera" (excerpts from Sanjiadian Performer: Chen Yufan, Hu Haiquan


(4) "run" (Performer: Yu Kuizhi)

(5) "the most dazzling small apple" (Performer: chopsticks brothers, Phoenix legend, Beijing Mass Art Museum)

5 comic "I can not endure" (Performer: Yue Yunpeng, Yueh Sun)

6 creative children’s program "heroes of ancient times out of youth" (Performer: Wang Hao, Wang Qianqian,, Tian Zheng,


Zhang Jiaxing, Shandong Province, Laizhou Chinese School)

7 song "the way home" (Performer: Andy Lau)

8 sketch "station adventure" (Performer: Cai Ming, Pan Changjiang, Mu Xuefeng)

9 song "when you are old" (Performer: Karen Mok)

10 song "holding mother’s hand" (Performer: Liu Hegang)

11 pieces of "

" (jacket Performer: Feng Gong, Gao Xiaopan, You Xianchao, zhang;

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