DC website to see the new rules for the record the loss of photos or customer

on the 29 day, the reporter learned from the Sichuan Provincial Communications Authority, the Ministry had issued "further implementation of the verification of the authenticity of the information site for the record work program (Trial)" (hereinafter referred to as the "work plan") will be officially implemented in April 1st. The provisions of the new requirements, most notably, real scene photo sponsor to provide the site for. The implementation of the new rules around the corner, a number of Internet access providers in Sichuan Province, said it would take the picture to look at it again".

it is reported that the Ministry has pointed out that in the "work plan" in February 22nd, by the access service units in the unit for the record collected and retained sites responsible for the color of full faced photo.

yesterday, the Sichuan provincial communications authority responsible person said to the reporter, the site for the record of the new rules will be implemented in April 1st, enforcement measures have also been through to Sichuan more than and 20 Internet access provider channel, pictures will also work by the access provider to complete.

however, the reporter learned from a number of access providers in Sichuan Province, the new rules for the implementation of the record is difficult, the main problem is in this part of the camera.

reporter learned that the biggest concern is that access to the Internet, the total can not allow customers to go to the field to take pictures of Chengdu, Chengdu, a responsible person in charge of access, it is most worried about the loss of customers and therefore. It is understood that the company’s business is derived from 90% provinces. It is understood that, in accordance with the original provisions, all procedures are completed through the internet.

it is reported that the company received from the customer access fees ranging from 150 yuan to $5000, but the volume of business in the majority of customers between 200 yuan ~300 yuan. Let foreign customers came, fare is higher than the access fee. To this end, they intend to look at the implementation of other cities to say".

in this regard, the Ministry official said, access providers can be set up in the field to solve the agency points. The access provider believes that set up in the field will increase its operating costs, and even less maneuverability.

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