Denied the number of sites online music July game will continue to charge

newspaper news (reporter Xue Song) said the famous musician Gao Xiaosong day before, from July 1st onwards, China music industry will be officially toward legalization, network music will start charging. This program is considered to be more than the impact of the video site to bring genuine. The news media in the A8 mobile phone music yesterday after the hurricane.

but reporters yesterday from the two major digital music platform QQ music and Baidu music learned that so far there is no charge or price plan, which may be the record company wishful thinking.

Musician: "the era of pay is coming soon"

in March 19th at the thirteenth Billboard Music Festival of the year started on the conference, as the president of the jury Gao Xiaosong said: from the beginning of July 1st, the music copyright will be officially toward legalization, network music will start charging. He revealed that the major record companies have already held a secret meeting. Currently, the record company alliance, network platforms are doing the final work, in order to encourage the authenticity of the network platform, charges, the parties concerned after the pattern of the July 1st, the price system have made concessions.

Gao Xiaosong said that at present the major record companies and major mainstream wireless music platform most have signed the agreement, and charges are genuine music has been put on the agenda, while the government will inject a large amount of funds to support.

for users concerned about the charges, Gao Xiaosong did not disclose, but said the specific news released by the industry, to be sure, the price is certainly very low, much higher quality". According to the previous part to promote music website of the fee plan proposal, take the future monthly download mode compared with the current market conditions, it is recommended to set price audition in the following 10 yuan / month, every song cost just a few cents.

several sites: no plan

The news

wireless music stocks soared, A8 electricity listed in Hongkong rose 29% yesterday, intraday rose 52%. However, the board of directors of the A8 media said yesterday that it was not aware of any other reason for the rise in prices and volume.

on charges, the reporter then to QQ music and Baidu music to understand. Tencent Inc said that on the music site charging scheme, we have not received any official notification of government departments. QQ music is still providing standard quality free online streaming and downloading, and always with the user experience to provide music service oriented, so far QQ music is no charge or price plan. According to reports, the current QQ music has more than 250 million PC monthly active users and 50 million mobile terminal users. Baidu Inc also said there is no fee plan.

future trends:

charges differences in the game will continue to

actually, the voice of the wireless music charges has been. Last year, the news came out that several major international

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