The world’s largest BT website the Pirate Bay February 1st Nirvana regression countdown page has bee

Pirate Bay page new Logo was replaced by Phoenix’s pattern

[TechWeb] January 27th news, according to foreign media reports, in the face of the Swedish government raid and seizure of the server, the world’s largest BT site Pirate Bay (The Bay) was forced off the assembly line. Recently, the site has a countdown display page, display the Pirate Bay in February 1st is about to Nirvana rebirth.

although there is no exact message display specific return time Pirate Bay, but the line of the page in the recent new news, the countdown page revealed the new website on February 1st Phoenix Nirvana of information to people.

at the end of last week, Logo, the pirate ship of the Pirate Bay, was replaced by the phoenix pattern – a sign that the Pirate Bay was about to be reborn in a difficult situation. As early as 2006, the Pirate Bay experienced a similar attack on the government, when the Pirate Bay is also posted a phoenix new Logo. Above the Phoenix Logo, it’s the countdown timer. In the lower left corner, a pirate ship is heading for the island.


countdown page has been opened

previously, due to piracy, the Pirate Bay has been seized by the government for many times, and strong to survive. In the game with the government, the Pirate Bay has repeatedly changed its top-level domain name. In 2009, all the founders of the Pirate Bay were sentenced to one year in prison for copyright infringement. But its website is still operating normally.

‘s latest government raid took place in December last year when Swedish police raided a server room in the Pirate Bay and seized multiple servers and computers. Earlier, there have been media reports, several major Hollywood film company has obtained a court injunction to force the closure of the Pirate Bay (The Pirate Bay).

is currently operating as an operator in the Pirate Bay, "Mr 10100100000" (Mr.), "if the Pirate Bay returns, it will be accompanied by a loud noise." (Yi Mu)

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