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Abstract: online education, with the development of educational informatization and accelerate, and the increasingly popular Internet plus "concept, entered a period of rapid growth, online education stocks are expected to usher in broke out across the board, which will attract more venture capital into.


venture capital to the field of online education into madness, in full education shares rushed 300 yuan, has reached the "peak", large amounts of hitherto unknown. In particular, nearly a week’s time, the country’s well-known educational enterprises are in the grab headlines to release a variety of financing news.

industry insiders pointed out that 2015 is a key year of comprehensive deepening of education reform, a number of heavyweight policy will be introduced, which will continue to stimulate the education industry related fields. In particular, online education, with the acceleration of educational information, will enter a period of rapid growth.

but we must also see that in the past year, online education company mostly lackluster performance. At the same time, the outside world for online education "bubble" became more alert is also increasing, after all, the profit model is still not completely clear circumstances, blindly carry out online education project there is a big risk, in 2014 there have been some online education business failures.

"in accordance with the law, the investment period of online education institutions in about 12 to 18 months, if not get further investment products or services can not meet the needs of users, this year there will be 20%-30% or institutions have been eliminated." Who learn founder Chen Xiangdong told reporters.

capital Yunyong

in the past March, financing sources in the field of online education makes people too busy to attend to all.

March 26th, A shares of the listed company Pearl River Piano announced that the company’s joint venture with a permit to initiate the establishment of cultural education industry mergers and acquisitions fund intends to Fujian Hainaut education jointly set up a joint venture company, engaged in digital curriculum development, franchise management and peripheral products sales business. According to the announcement, an education of the registered capital of 10 million yuan, is a children’s music education for consumer education and research institutions.

in March 27th, another in the occupation education as the foothold of the online education enterprise business platform "financial education financial training announced slightly platinum" has completed nearly a thousand million Angel round of financing, the investor is the online education platform Hujiang network and the venture capital.

on the same day, together with the operating network held a press conference in Beijing, announced the completion of the D round of financing $100 million. Working together is a K12 online education platform to work as a breakthrough point, open up the students, teachers and parents of the three party.

then, March 30th, ape exam announces $60 million D round of financing, and this is the Hujiang net operating together each $100 million after financing, third online educational institutions to enter D round; and by New Oriental former CEO Chen Xiangdong started with.

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