Ganzhou small fish using Discuz 7 2 to build a local community

days ago, well-known sites in Ganzhou Ganzhou fish ( once again successfully upgraded the Discuz community website, version 7.2 build. Relying on the advantages of the new platform, Ganzhou small fish community, through the continuity of the line activities and localization of intimate services, has been rapidly growing into the local characteristics of Ganzhou and local community portal.


figure 01 Ganzhou fish successfully upgraded Discuz! Version 7.2

It is understood that Ganzhou

fish is one of the Ganzhou area college students venture Star project, site founder Chen Jingzhao Jiangxi University of Science and Technology as a senior student, the official carrier of the Ganzhou fish community is just over a year’s time. Founded in January 11, 2009, Ganzhou fish development has begun to take shape, through the line activities to continue to promote the website already has fixed users and stable management team, training a large number of active core members.

conversion failed to become a loyal user Discuz!

talked about the development of Ganzhou fish experience Chen Jingzhao said, from the original by Comsenz (Comsenz) open source community forum to create product Discuz! Now, because of various reasons have gone through some detours, experienced a bottleneck, confusion and temptation technology. The deepest impression is in the PHPWind 7.5 SP2 version has just been launched, the Ganzhou fish by the official propaganda of the impact of PHPWind, the forum was converted into a PHPWind system. Did not expect that the two are the same as the forum system, but the gap is still relatively large use. Some fish in Ganzhou after the conversion, the unexpected problems all directly exposed, then the operations team management operation is not used, the forum user activity decreased sharply after a period of active users to discuss immediately after quiet. Chen Jingzhao pointed out: "to fish PHPWind system in Ganzhou less than a week, a clear sense of loss at the forum, forum posting day suddenly from thousands of halved into hundreds of last, some originally lively forum was deserted. Up."

conversion easy to use, the huge difference between the two forum system, leading to a lot of members in the Forum on the operation of the habit. Chen Jingzhao recalled the scene said: "at that time, Ganzhou fish community full version of all users complain about the failure of the system of speech, through conversion, Ganzhou fish management team realize that a long time Discuz! Intimate details of the products directly affect the mainstream website user’s habits, toss up and down Ganzhou fish community do not love the failure. In order to respect the user’s habits, Ganzhou small fish back to the original Discuz!

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