Webmaster network daily broadcast why Apple changed the world Ma Ali restructuring

  1, Ma restructuring Ali: or split into the integration of the 3 companies listed on


Alibaba is a big change to reshape the company’s ecological system as the core, it is likely to spin off into 30 companies, and then integrated into three listed companies. This will not only change the situation of China’s Internet industry will be changed by Ma Yun, but also affect the future of a number of traditional industries from manufacturing to service industries.

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2, Google antitrust investigation concluded this week without any major changes in business

NetEase Francisco December 18th message, according to foreign media reports, sources said, regulators in the United States or the end of the search rankings on Google this week, while not requiring the company to make any major changes to the business. Google has been accused in the field of high profits, such as tourism, to give competitors lower ranking search results. This makes it difficult for users to find products of competitors.

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3, apple how to change the world: the destruction of Office can be

984 years the first Office version of the listing, after 28 years of hard work, Microsoft successfully created a huge desktop office software empire. In this world, almost everyone’s daily office will be in the form of active or passive contact with Office software and services, which also makes Office a large part of Microsoft’s revenue sources. However, while maintaining a strong profitability, while Office’s revenue myth is also suffering from different degrees of the outside world and different types of shocks.

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4, Facebook launched near service challenge Yelp and other rivals


technology news (Zhong Tao) December 18th Beijing time news, according to foreign media reports, Facebook has recently increased its geographical location and local business service efforts, and therefore its "near" (Nearby) of the new service to the United States, to mobile phone location service Foursquare and the United States.

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