WeChat released plagiarism punishment rules Tort 5 permanent title

WeChat released plagiarism punishment rules: Tort 5 permanent Title

[TechWeb] February 4th news, WeChat last night for the recent WeChat public platform plagiarism and other violations, issued a penalty rules. Users such as the discovery of the public number of plagiarism and other violations, can be reported through the infringement complaint process.

according to the relevant provisions of the "WeChat public platform operating norms", WeChat public platform penalties, the first infringement will delete this warning, second is TITLE 7 days, third titles 14 days, fourth titles 30 days, fifth times the permanent title.

previously, in order to promote the WeChat platform for the public to produce more high-quality original articles, WeChat public platform has launched the original statement feature, temporarily open to the certified public media.

WeChat said the platform for non-compliance with rules, indiscriminate use of "original statement" function and malicious violations, once discovered and reported, "the original statement will be permanently recovery function, and the title processing. (rain)

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