Secret cloud network China’s largest hacker training base


secret cloud network: China’s largest hacker training base

in October 10th, such as the home Jiudiankaifang information disclosure; in October 29th, with alleged loopholes exist and Alipay; November 5th, Sogou browser was traced to the presence of major security vulnerabilities; November 20th, Tencent 70 million QQ group accused of leaking user data; in November 26th, 360 any user to modify the password loopholes; even the related department website vulnerabilities have been released…. .

a series of leaks make people feel insecure, let cloud network announced a series of leaks of this fame fame. People in the enterprise is not responsible for the shock of the same time, but also full of curiosity about the cloud network: This is how a platform, behind what is a secret arena?

"white hat" hackers gathered base

old K said: he is a remodeling hacker ideal white hat

November 15th, a coffee shop.

distance from the old K appointment time has passed for half an hour, the reporter with a mobile phone QQ sent him a message: to the


"there’s a traffic jam, a few minutes." "Old K" reply.

and half an hour later, the old K has not yet appeared. After ten minutes, the reporter received an old K sent the message: I’m sorry, I just wandered outside the cafe for a long time, want to think, or QQ communication is better."

"in this circle, true identity is a secret. I won’t tell you unless I trust you completely." On the old K where the circle has a deep understanding of the newspaper network engineer Dong master told reporters.

for ordinary users, the old K where the circle is a very secret Arena – old K in a network company, the surface and ordinary people no difference. But in the evening, he became a master gathered in the hacker team is an important member, the screen name is his identity, usually only QQ and external exchanges.

2010, "old K" for the first time will be a website to the home page, insert pictures and music, "nothing to do with the interest, it felt very excited." Old K said they are different from the traditional hackers selling data, our ideal is to reshape the hacker spirit." Old K called himself a hacker in the white hat, he is now interested in finding, testing and capturing the security vulnerabilities of major companies, and then submitted to the third party vulnerability platform cloud network.

"I have my own work, not on that profit." "Old K" rating in the Internet cloud is the ordinary white hat, since 2012, he has been submitted on the platform of the more than and 20 vulnerabilities, most manufacturers have been confirmed in public, involving telecommunications, traditional IT vendors, securities website. "Find a loophole, is to find the so-called after"

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