Check Trojan kill the virus Zhou Hongyi 360 of your unprofessional

      make eye

by lawsuit

      Zhou Hongyi and CNNIC long ago lost the lawsuit, the Qihoo president Qi Xiangdong is very happy, is said to have found loopholes in the lawsuit, the lawsuit. However, in my opinion, not only Qi Dong very happy, Zhou Hongyi must be very happy: if the lawsuit to fight, the market is also saved, although the money to fight, but this is also a free advertising ah! In addition to Zhou Hongyi word of mouth marketing a flicker, fame is not easy to think. The old week wishful thinking is quite smart!

      360 in third to

      iResearch consulting (iResearch) released the "2007 China personal network security report", the report said, Jinshan and Jiangmin missed domestic security software market in the top three, Kabasiji and Qihoo have to squeeze into the top three. The report was released on a strong protest encounter Jiangmin other old anti-virus software providers, and pointed out that the report made a common mistake. In fact, as long as people look at Jiangmin is word of mouth marketing how to do, how to play the 2 network security concept, people put a lawsuit as PR, the marketing industry who is like?

      Zhou Hongyi admitted in the field of security is the younger brother of

      fudge fudge, when it comes to technical issues, Zhou Hongyi had to admit that only two years of history, 360 in technology and anti-virus software predecessors have a big gap. The party in a circle, Zhou Hongyi said: "I believe that professional strength, specialize in. To kill the virus inside the traditional, we feel that the rising, Kingsoft, Kaba is the best "– that is, the 360 and 10 years history of how the history of professional antivirus company compared?

      why Zhou Hongyi’s Trojan horse will have 100 thousand?

      expert conclusion according to the analysis of the third party, the 360 so-called "killing 100 thousand Trojan", because the 360 according to the name of the file to determine the virus spread of the virus, as long as the change the name, the Qihoo 360 would have to join the Trojan virus library, so if a virus file has 10 names, 360 to load 10 people to check the virus, once is enough, can be 360 to 10 times of loading. So the 360 will try to "killing 100 thousand trojan".

      professional Trojan horse, or professional companies have spectrum

      according to the difference between the name of the Trojans, of course, the more the more killed, junior high school graduates can not use a simple Trojan generator system >

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