The government came forward to guide the establishment of access threshold buy site is facing a majo

with the buy site market melee intensified, the government recently decided to come forward to guide. The day before, the institutions directly under the Ministry of Commerce Chinese International Electronic Commerce Center has for the group purchase industry launched the integrity certification and rating criteria, to set the threshold constraint group purchase market chaos. Apply for certification of the site must truthfully fill in the relevant materials. This is also the first in China to buy new e-commerce model of supervision measures.

for the government of this guide specification, this industry all have different opinions, some think whether the navigation website group purchase group purchase group purchase website, or navigation, are very welcome to participate in and guide the government. However, China’s current model of the United States from the United States to buy Groupon imitation, there are still a lot of innovation and the possibility of variation, so we do not want to remind you of the premature buy mode.

insiders believe that government intervention in the long term is certainly necessary. But the timing and intensity of government intervention is also very important, different period and different levels of intervention for the development of the industry, the result is completely different, I hope the government can really care, guide the healthy development of the industry.

and some well-known group purchase website supervision of government related organizations support and welcome, 58 city vice president, group purchase responsible Xu Guipeng said that the introduction of regulations for the first industry from disorderly to orderly development, secondly for users, the integrity of qualification certification for the user to select the group purchase website. In order to avoid users blindly pursue low price and to harm the interests of users. Third, for businesses, the establishment of the third party oversight mechanism is also a kind of protection for the interests of businesses, is conducive to the sustainable development of the industry as a whole.

is reported that the Ministry of industry, the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the State Administration of quality supervision, inspection and other government departments are also introduced similar measures, a series of stringent measures are likely to follow. A real buy site big reshuffle may be coming.

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