Virtual reality office is a form of innovation or nightmare

recently, Funly developed a design class VR tool "Think Space", trying to use the VR environment for users to create a comfortable thinking space. In this application, the user can set the "whiteboard", can use 4 kinds of colors, the eraser tool, to graffiti and design, also can choose a variety of work environment theme, including the beach and desert. Users can also be transferred to any position in the scene, and the scene is free and open, in addition to the work for the user to explore.

in addition, Funly also made intimate content export, you can "whiteboard" in any of the elements in the SVG (zoom vector graphics) in the form of export to PC, and then save the light and share the work schedule.

with the development of VR hardware application, taking more and more support, despite the distance to the office every morning to start a virtual reality head was day there may be a period of time, virtual reality is no longer Arabian Nights office. As we all know, virtual reality office workers can bring different office experience, but the use of virtual reality in the office area, the office itself is an innovation or a nightmare?


, a virtual reality office


for the majority of the world still crowded subway workers in the world, the benefits of virtual reality office is self-evident. Every day to save the work waste time on the road every day, save the dressing time, because in the virtual world of Beijing and Seattle in the distance between a head.

1, virtual reality office has good confidentiality

virtual reality is applied to the office, the office of the shackles of reality, can meet the needs of each individual office staff requirements, everyone can be as free as the fragmentation of the occupation management of their own working hours, as long as it was with you can enter the virtual world of their own, can effectively avoid the interference of noise to be mixed in the open office. At the same time, virtual reality office also has a very good confidentiality, because the outside world can not directly peep your office process.

2, add decoration, to a certain extent, the release of working pressure

Vice president,

China interior decoration Association indoor environmental monitoring committee director Song Guangsheng pointed out that in a relatively closed office environment, the long face of the computer or monotonous ornaments, easy to produce fatigue even tired of emotions. In the work environment to add flowers and other decorations, you can adjust the mood, let people release the pressure of work in a timely manner. Virtual reality is not only the office did add flowers and other decorations in the work environment, it will bring you into the blue sky, do not add in the reality of the decoration, effectively relieve and release the pressure of work.

3, a good working environment is conducive to inspire employees inspiration

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