Rebate network for 20 million B round of financing to build online and offline integration rebate p

with the platform of Jingdong listed Ali and second half of the year will be listed, including, and other more vertical business listing and financing, China the online shopping market is facing fierce competition in the hitherto unknown, the major electricity suppliers are in a different way to strengthen the flow of the competition, including micro-blog and WeChat layout Ali investment Jingdong, behind no not for traffic. And can bring huge traffic and accurate sales rebate shopping industry as a business platform, insiders also received great attention, investment and commercial value to be optimistic.

today, play an important role in the electricity supplier rebate network and precise marketing diversion links, announced $20 million B round of financing. Heiner Asian investors to venture capital funds (SIG), previously, tens of millions of dollars A round of investment network has received rebates Qiming and Disney’s steamboat ventures.


rebate network CEO Ge Yongchang said that the funds will be used to expand its line rebate products, precision marketing platform brand and line oriented retail channels to create an integrated online and offline.

SIG is a large Financial Services Company already has 20 years of history, with its headquarters in the United States, with more than $1 billion of its own investment funds, including venture capital and private equity investment, open market investment, open market equity derivative securities investment, which employs more than 1400 people, with offices in key regions around the world. Have investment including the giant network, E-House China, today’s headlines, Camera360, TouchPal, barley net and other enterprises. For this investment rebate network, managing director of SIG Eric Xu said, is the value of its unique electricity supplier shopping guide mode and mobile terminal business amazing development.

it is understood that the rebate network established in 2006, the nation’s largest rebate shopping guide website, after years of development, now has more than 35 million subscribers, the number of daily unique visitors (DAU) more than 3 million, annual turnover of more than 10 billion. Has been with Tmall, Taobao, Jingdong, Ctrip, one store, Amazon,, public comment group purchase nearly 400 appliance business cooperation.

electricity supplier’s rapid development, but also makes the traffic demand more urgent. For electricity supplier sites, businesses and commodities need to get more exposure, users demand also needs to be found more effectively, which provides a huge market space for the rebate shopping platform, a huge online shopping rebate network active users group is also the major electricity suppliers are concerned..

at present, the major electricity providers are trying to seek a large flow of partners. Jingdong in 2014 open platform strategic planning, said in terms of traffic expansion, Jingdong actively seek large flow partners. The industry believes that the rebate network such as shopping guide website cooperation will be further strengthened.

previously, the media will be released Ali Mama "on the rebate Amoy >

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