Stationmaster net broadcast QQ public open registration then stopped again qiyi has been engaged in

1.QQ public open registration and WeChat to grab business…… And then stopped  

competition in the future and WeChat public number is inevitable

QQ, the public suddenly open registration in July 4th. But if you are today to enter the site, mostly blank page. Registration was stopped. Tencent may not have thought of their own good.

but in fact, six months ago, QQ has a public number, this is only open registration.

November 2014 QQ launched the first mobile phone service number: YTO Yuantong express. This is a prelude. QQ public voice with the basic function of the experience of the trigger, than the WeChat public number of the menu and keywords reply, to come fresh fun. At that time, Tencent Global Partner Conference, Yin Yu, vice president of Tencent has revealed that the life of the phone QQ service number will be fully open registration in late 2014 or early 2015.

2 and the era of a distant figure: light blog, goodbye  

June 30th, the largest blog operators Sina announced its 4 years of operation of the light blog official line, the domain name mission is coming to an end, after the transfer of direct access Sina blog, causing the crowd a sob.


light blog is launched in May 2011, was launched in the Sina has spread in the micro-blog and Sina have a blog, directly into the micro-blog friends of resources, is the most typical light blog "two rich generation". Just different from the success of micro-blog and blog, Sina micro blog development is not warm, and even provoked plagiarism storm. 2013, NetEase has issued a statement condemning Sina light blog plagiarism. In June 30, 2015, Qing line, the website has been unable to open, direct jump Sina blog, micro-blog blog, attention to Sina, light blog offline is upset, since the media age transition into a new round of fighting.

3 Iqiyi has been engaged in paralysis: "Tomb notes" hits breaking 1000000000 

in late July 3rd 8, Iqiyi launched the entire contents of network TV show "Tomb notes" in the first quarter, a total of 12 sets. Although VIP members need to be free to watch, but still can not stop the netizens great enthusiasm to watch. On that day, an on-line, Iqiyi server paralysis.


, Iqiyi announced the "Tomb notes": the amount of clicks has exceeded 1 billion, is simply guards.

Iqiyi said that in July 3rd the complete on-line after 5 minutes play requests up to 160 million times, a total of 40 million barrage…… Micro-blog hot search list

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