Google search allows sites to peel off the same domain name junk page

Beijing on October 17th news, according to foreign media reports, Google plans to combat spam web sites and the day before a step further, Google released a new feature that allows the site administrator to claim "inferior" under the same name.

in the blog, the site of the universal phenomenon of today, a domain name under all the pages, not entirely from the domain name on behalf of the official website. Part of the garbage site, to improve the ranking in Google search.

For Katz

Google to combat spam sites (Matt Cutts) on the day before the Pubcon conference, officially released this function. Previously, part of the search engine optimization industry, has been tested in advance.

in the future, the webmaster can submit a list of sites or domain name tag, to inform Google what junk pages do not belong to their website. Google will adjust the search results based on this, to avoid junk web page parasitic on some well-known sites.

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