Google AdSense the remittance account a week delay in payment

      Google AdSense webmaster network October 27th news this month, the first attempt to use Western Union, and avoid all charges, the China webmaster is undoubtedly one of history’s most exciting thing.

      Google AdSense this month is the first month of Western Union remittance, as from the beginning of October 25th, Google AdSense is starting to show the background of payment, countless webmaster excited. But the 27 day, the morning, Google AdSense background suddenly show "payment reservation", "payment error – please contact technical support team" and "AdSense", will undoubtedly make small owners immediately to Google AdSense westernunion downhearted, Voices of discontent!

      network owners first time emergency contact Google AdSense, and get the exact reply: because the Western Union first try so many huge and remittance accounts, not well prepared, now Google AdSense is urgent treatment, and ensure the problem to maintain the original account payment payment postponed for a week! Please do not panic webmaster!

      special statement: this information is commissioned by the Google AdSense group, please communicate with each other! Not hype, willing to bear legal responsibility!

      this information must be retained to retain the webmaster network source!

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