Webmaster daily broadcast Ali to complete the repurchase plan 12306 difficult to book

1, golden week train tickets on sale 12306 booking system frequent login to

recently, the Mid Autumn Festival, national day double train ticket sales started, passengers can book tickets through the Internet, telephone. But on the Internet visitors online shopping to grab votes, the Ministry of Railways 12306 "off the chain", a lot of news frequently stuck. Let the passengers feel being tricked, even into 12306 sites, has been under the orders of the ticket, the system cannot show whether reservation immediately, but to wait in line, 1 to 2 hours after he was told to fail or without a ticket booking. Many users have expressed pressure to buy tickets.

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golden week train ticket booking system to sell 12306 frequent login to

passengers complained about 12306 booking function: buy the probability of failure of large number

12306 booking queuing system inefficient refers to the presence of multiple vulnerabilities

2, Ali completed $7 billion 600 million repurchase plan to pave the way for the overall listing of

recently, Alibaba group announced that YAHOO’s $7 billion 600 million share repurchase program completed. Alibaba group to $6 billion 300 million in cash and $800 million preferred shares of Alibaba group, YAHOO shares held in the hands of the hands of Alibaba group repurchased 50%. Meanwhile, Alibaba group will pay a one-time fee of $550 million YAHOO technology and intellectual property rights. Future Ltd listed, Alibaba group has the right to give priority to the purchase of 50% of the remaining shares of YAHOO.

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Ma Yun The Legendary Swordsman dream: the shadow behind the


3, Youku executives respond to cash caused by stock prices: personal financial behavior

September 18th news, investment banking information display, Youku President Liu Dele and Youku investors Brookside Capital total sell-off of 334 thousand shares Youku stock, resulting in Youku shares fell by 10.2% in September 17th. Youku responded that Liu Dele sell stocks is a personal financial behavior. Statistics show that Liu Dele submitted a document to the SEC last week, said it would sell 166 thousand shares, according to Youku’s share price of $20.88 on Thursday, overwhelmed by the sale of cash of about $3 million 500 thousand this time.

Youku said this, Liu Dele sell stocks is a personal financial behavior, in line with the company’s options management policy, the work of Youku in the absence of any change in Liu Dele. Analysts believe that in September 17th fell and Youku potatoes stock was a large-scale sell-off. Investment bank believes that due to the small number of executives and investors Youku sell stocks, it will not have a big impact on youku.

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