PHP cloud talent system to help promote the development of industry professionals and local portal s station network August 10th news: Recently, the domestic famous PHP teaching resources, share based "PHP100 Chinese network" by industry rumors in the secret development of PHP talents in software, according to the news PHP system revealed a talent webmaster group is nearing an end but also invited some people to do internal testing. PHP software industry competition, for cloud talent development of the PHP100 system, the majority of people in the industry to hold a wait-and-see attitude, on whether there is a market, but also give the software industry to bring what competition, individual owners and local portal which will bring help, whether open source free launched discussion. At the same time, there are also views that PHP100 research and development, PHP cloud talent system is only to operate their own At present, cloud personnel system has determined release, all questions have seen through the clouds.

cited content:

following is the official introduction of php100:

PHP cloud personnel system, is designed for Chinese user design and development, source code in 100% completely open a database constructed by PHP and MySQL, the job of bidding, hire talent and enterprise solutions, can greatly satisfy the webmaster two development for network station program in respect of copyright under. PHP cloud talent as a system, with independent intellectual property rights Chinese personnel operation system, by chuang’en (Shanghai) Information Technology Co., Ltd. ( officially launched in August 11, 2010, and strive to give many local portals, industry professionals to provide an easy and powerful talent system (enterprises and institutions and social organizations other users, and overseas users of the system needs to obtain official authorization, the authorization center).

I, PHP cloud system configuration requirements:

(1), PHP5, Mysql5, Apache2/IIS6 above environment

(2), can run on Windows, Linux, Mac and other platforms

(3), the browser requires the user to open the Cookie function (IE6, Firefox browsing requires more than 3.x)

II, PHP cloud talent system features:

(1), PHP OOP ideas to facilitate the maintenance and upgrading of a good security

(2), the use of PHP template separation can easily modify the page and the development of the two upgrade

(3), corporate members and individual members are using an independent management authority mode does not produce conflict management

III, PHP cloud talent system common features:

(1), individual members have a single account >

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