China’s share of the top ten car rental site rankings

Hitwise March 4th, micro-blog released through its official website visits Chinese car share the top ten ranking, the same way network car channel ranked sixth, is only the list of OTA, the rest of the list are the car rental company’s official website. The same way network CEO Wu Zhixiang in micro-blog forwarding these rankings also said that the same way network car rental business grew by 300%, and will be attributed to the success of the same way network one-stop business model.

Hitwise released through the official micro-blog "Chinese rental website visits share Top10 show that in the past month, the same way network in all domestic car rental sites (including the major tourist site rental channel) visited share ranked sixth, ranked in the" international car rental industry giants Avis, Hertz above. In the top ten in the same way network is the only named OTA, that the site of the car rental business is indeed fast forward, Wu Zhixiang gives the speed of rapid growth with an average annual growth rate of 300%. in the same way network rental business caused by the first car rental company that caused the old OTA articles range anxiety. It is understood that the current domestic mainstream car companies have reached the same way network distribution partners, in order to cope with the same way network in the rental market, the rapid rise of Ctrip, proposed to the pace of development in 2012 to accelerate the car rental business, eLong rumored to have launched the "wine + car" business.

seems to Wu Zhixiang, with the way the rapid development of the network car rental business is based on one-stop business model, which is not without reason. At the same time, the same way network at the same time operating hotel reservations, air tickets booking, attractions tickets booking, booking tickets, car rental and vacation six business, and has been working to improve the synergies between the various business. For now, the rapid development of the same way network car rental business at least thanks to its ticket booking and self-service travel support. In fact, the same way network of other businesses are also benefiting from the synergistic effect of one-stop. It is understood that the same way network show ticket channel has been among the domestic mainstream ticket booking website, constitute a real threat to the barley net, but with the way the network performance of the rapid growth of business according to the ticket booking channel due to its strong support of the hotel and airline ticket business.

user needs is the direction of our efforts, so that visitors stop shopping together, a key to get it, which is one of the core competitive advantage of our pursuit, Wu Zhixiang summed up the same way network business model.

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