Zank completed 20 million yuan A round of financing will create gay vertical community

lead: the comrades of the crowd social application Zank announced the completion of the amount of 20 million yuan for the A round of financing. In addition to the needs of friends, Zank also want to make further attempts to precipitate the formation of community relations and further commercialization.


this afternoon, the comrades of the crowd social application Zank announced the completion of the amount of 20 million yuan for the A round of financing, investors not disclosed, which is Zank partners of angel investment in the online early to get second investment.

in the field of social product segments, same-sex dating APP should be regarded as the current development of a relatively advanced group, and Zank is a latecomer to the market. Before the May 2013 Zank on the line, only in the mobile terminal, the existed foreign Jack ‘d, the veteran local gay community Blue Network (launched in 2000) launched the Blued in the user community with good reputation of similar products.

but after a year on the line, according to official data revealed, Zank currently has about 5000000 users, the active rate is maintained at around 25%. In the eyes of the public "niche" markets, then how to host? Before the conference, entrepreneur Zank CEO extremely Ling made a simple interview, in addition to talk before the "host" Raiders, also talked about the commercial development idea of Zank after the top and gay community.

the first gun or the first date

before Zank, was extremely Ling in 2010 when the founder of the same perpendicular to the gay people social networking sites fly like network, a bit like " + bean" mode, the user through the online self presentation and launched offline city activities to meet each other. When the line to Zank, the network has registered more than 300 thousand members.

this also brings the first batch of Zank core users. After less than a month on the line, Zank won a multi million yuan angel investment from Jingwei Chinese partner Zhang Ying.

fly praise the inherent advantages of the network, in the product, Zank also made a difference adjustment. Mobile social APP usually has a LBS function, and a pair of private chat features together, it is easy to become about gun artifact, but it is difficult to take care of the relative part of the user’s needs that part. Therefore, in the beginning, Zank emphasized that the first date is not the first gun. After the user login, the first thing to see is the nearby city activities initiated by comrades, you can eat, drink coffee, watching movies…… After saw each other’s personal homepage and other activities such as homeopathy registration, and was able to be interested two people in a relatively natural docking plot. This is consistent with the social product "extremely Ling

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