Dig money Mobile nternet triggered personal accounting trend


figure for digging financial team

dig wealth (www.wacai.com) is a public finance tool to dig the wealth, providing PC and mobile terminal two platforms, and data interoperability. Dig money to support multiple mobile platform client, mobile phones can also be used to ensure the continuity of accounting.

currently, dig wealth has about 3000000 users, and commitment to the user permanent free.

anytime, anywhere account

many users are likely to face such confusion: every month the money spent where


dig money founder Zhao Xiaowei programmer origin, had faced the same problem. In the process of trying to account, found that the traditional way of pen and paper, computer accounting, there are many drawbacks, pen and paper is easy to lose, the computer can not carry, timely record. 2009, in a chat with a friend, Zhao Xiaowei sprouted the idea of developing a mobile phone accounting tools, a few like-minded people together, the birth of a dig.

by dig money, the user can input spending, whenever and wherever possible, the amount of time and place, financial data query and statistical analysis, but also support users from Taobao and other consumer sites into their trading data.


new accounts


expenditure category statistics


revenue and expenditure, transfers, loans and other summary


financial details


monthly income and expenditure

With the convenience of mobile tools and the popularity of personal wealth management concept, people will pay more and more attention to personal wealth, more and more people want to implement personal wealth management more easily.


Dig fiscal

user group is widely distributed, including college students, white-collar workers, housewives and business travelers. In addition to the mainland, in addition to the mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Australia, Canada, the United States, South Africa, the United Kingdom and other countries or regions, the future, will be launched in traditional Chinese version.

at present, dig money to support iPhone iOS, Android, Ophone, blackberry, Windows Mobile and other smart phone systems, and provide a generic version of the Java. According to reports, digging Choi Android Google Android official version is first downloaded over 50 thousand Chinese personal financial applications, digging Choi iPhone version of Apple’s official store repeatedly ranked Store > App

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