P2P capital chain rupture nearly 100 people fear lose everything

for investors, how to choose a reliable P2P enterprise is particularly important, do not blindly believe P2P loans, high returns, because once the investment losses, the capital no sooner or later.



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Wen Wei blue whaleThe

TMT after a month long undercover observation, and finally clarify the victim exchange, a Shandong Province star enterprise P2P rough entrepreneurial process. In 70 after the founder Liu economy into a predicament, behind it is facing a lot of working-class capital dilemma.

now, investors have no money to set up a free activist group, with the founder of the game and communication. However, except for the occasional complain a few words of Liu ", they do not seem to have what solutions. Blue whale TMT and a number of investors in-depth communication, trying to restore the star enterprise from birth to the whole process of the troubled.

1, the birth of star


November 2013, the Weifang evening news on the first and only one P2P network lending platform – Wei micro loans were reported. At that time, P2P loans are being respected as a new business model, the data show that: the company completed 6 projects in a total of 20 days, the total loan amount of more than 20 yuan, a total of more than 30 investors out of the money.

purely from the data, the average contribution per capita of less than 10 thousand. This also means that investors are just some expect high returns rather than wage earners, and nouveau riche millionaire. It is for this reason that when the money is not coming back, these ordinary wage earners psychological rebound more powerful: because they earn some money too difficult.

who participated in the investment of wage earners: put money in the bank interest rate is too small, and save a long time, the purchase of financial projects, the highest is around 4% per annum. But the investment loan is different, the borrower can pay 18% to 19% per annum, less investment, short time, this is no comparison to other financial items.

this means is Weifang micro credit to attract investors, in fact, is the value of the high rate of return. That’s why they give up their bank deposits and choose P2P. Lured by the high profits, they seem to have forgotten the danger.

2, failed wind control!

China has appeared P2P’s many giants, such as Lu Jin, pleasant loans, loan pterosaurs, peer-to-peer lending. These companies to communicate in the same blue whale TMT, always deliberately control their own systems of wind.

such as loan pterosaurs, Lenovo holdings brand endorsement as their core highlights. Liu Chuanzhi is the founder of Lenovo holdings, China enterprise symbol, a lot of people out of the old Liu and Lenovo trust, enhance the level of trust in the pterosaur loan.

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