Xi’an 029 recruitment network invested millions of funds will be a grand sail

by the financial crisis, the workplace has entered the winter. In order to help Xi’an job seekers better solve the employment problem, Xi’an youth entrepreneurship and employment guidance center to grow the fastest Xi’an local talent recruitment website Xi’an recruitment network 029 www.029zp.com injection of one million yuan, the establishment of cooperation for Xi’an youth entrepreneurship and employment guidance center employment website, this is also the Xi’an local recruitment website has ever received the largest an investment.

it is understood that the Xi’an youth employment guidance center of Xi’an Municipal Corporation Joint Municipal Labor and Social Security Bureau, City Bureau of education, science and Technology Bureau, the Municipal Bureau of agriculture, Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau and other departments, relying on Shaanxi Yizhou culture media, universities, in employment, to help young people strong quality, improve skills, project development the platform.

029 Xi’an

recruitment network is the Shaanxi area of professional recruitment website, the website customer demand-oriented, with professional services, docking to enterprises and talents; at the same time, the 029 Xi’an recruitment network is very concerned about the occupation development of individual job seekers, pay attention to the job seekers to provide the most satisfactory service online job experience. Committed to doing the best regional job recruitment website, relying on one of the country’s three major educational bases of human resources, based in Xi’an, services for the country.

according to the Xi’an Youth Employment Guidance Center Ren Yi boat introduced to Xi’an 029 recruitment network investment of $one million, after many experts have been investigated after the Xi’an job market research. Xi’an is an educational resource and human resource in the country’s leading city, but the economy is relatively underdeveloped, talents are "fly to Southeast", delivered to the developed areas of Beijing and Shanghai, other areas to do a "dress", but not for Xi’an this ancient city left more valuable talents. Xi’an local enterprises recruitment needs and talent needs are mostly not match, so it is necessary to start from the basic needs of the recruitment, to lay a good foundation for the development of the local economy and talent needs.

029 Xi’an

recruitment network general manager Zhang He said that the online recruitment market prospects, for the majority of struggling in the difficult employment recruitment of job seekers, class of professional website is undoubtedly job seekers of the gospel, under the impact of financial crisis, the enterprise has declined significantly, but the demand for human resources, in the long run, good professional talent is always a constant demand of the enterprise. Xi’an 029 recruitment network after more than two years of development, relying on good service and the local advantage of human resources in Xi’an, has become the fastest growing local recruitment website in Xi’an. Zhang said that although affected by the environment, it is really hard to find jobs, but the 029 Xi’an recruitment network this year to get customer feedback has been very good, the enterprise calls a day to night, the local market of Xi’an have a brilliant future, companies do not recruit people, but companies recruit the right people. With the popularity of the Internet, whether it is hiring or job seekers, are increasingly inclined to use efficient network. Although China’s top three recruitment sites are now facing poor management, began to fall >

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