WeChat public platform open template message to increase business notification capabilities

[Abstract] currently has the ability to pay public numbers can apply for the opening of the template message.

Tencent science and technology news (Xiang Xin) August 14th, today, WeChat officially open the public platform template message function. It is understood that access through the template message interface, the public number can be sent to the attention to the account of the user preset template messages, in order to service to the user to send important, such as credit card purchase notice, notice of success. But does not support advertising and other marketing news and other information that may cause harassment to the user.

is called the template message interface, which means that the public number can send a message to the user in the template library.

it is understood that the ability to pay the public number can apply for the opening of the template message.

opening process is as follows:

Step 1 application to open the template message function

in order to protect the user’s experience, at present, with the ability to pay the public number can use the template message service. Comply with the conditions of use after the service number landing WeChat public platform can be in the function – add function plug-in option to see the template message function entry. Click on the template message for the application and access to the right to use.

Step2. confirm the industry, select the industry template

has opened the template message service number in the public platform function menu bar can be seen directly in the template message option, click to enter the template message interface. The number of public operators need to first choose two industries at the service account, and then click + from the template library to add "button from the template library for the two industry template service notification.

currently has a public number with the payment authority can use 10 templates for service.

Step3. view template details, manage my template

to add the template message, enter the "template" to view the template message details and delete management.

According to

data show that before the beta stage, there have been more than 1000 partners to provide the service notification message interface in the use of templates, template messages, transfer amount of more than 15 million times, the number of users more than 7 million daily clients.

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