The 5000 group purchase websites only 213 mobile phone consumption proportion rose

latest data from the Group buy navigation site 800 shows that as of January 2014, the number of the country to buy the site is only 213. In more than two years ago to buy the industry’s bubble heyday, this figure is more than 5 thousand.

Even if the "

213, There remained but a single one." compared to September last year, also reduced 281. Some of the good development of a large group buying platform, such as 24 coupons and thousands of goods, etc., have disappeared. And have formed the oligopoly in Wowo, the U.S. group, the public comment of a few large group purchase website pattern, more than and 200 group purchase site remaining or will continue to "cut" tour.

buy site has been the last shuffle

group 800 data show that in 2013 the top five buy site turnover reached $33 billion 810 million, accounting for the total turnover of the group buying industry of 95.7%. Among them, the U.S. group net and public comment monthly turnover of more than 1 billion yuan, the formation of the first camp, glutinous rice, Wowo, hand in the interval the monthly turnover of 300 million yuan to 400 million yuan to fight. Because of our proximity to the Tencent and the blessing of WeChat in the mobile terminal, Gaopeng future development can not be underestimated. At present, BAT has been involved in all buy industry, which has long been injected into the United States Alibaba group, while the glutinous rice network was acquired in August last year, Baidu.

group 800 analyst fan Kang on the Securities Daily said: with the influx of Internet giants led by BAT, the resource advantage behind the Group buy site will become a new determinant. 2014, backed by giant buy site will get greater development, the survival of small and medium sized buy platform will be further squeezed. On the contrary, some of the vertical domain based on the localization and community class sites have their own living space. Considering the current similar to public comment, Wo Wo Group, handle network group purchase platform independent value, 2014 new acquisitions may not exclude."

Wowo no "competition of family background" early transition

Compared with

group, glutinous rice, backed by the "tree", Wo Wo Group is no reliable "tree". Therefore, in a number of group purchase website, Wo Wo Group was the first to jump out of the Red Sea, the transformation of "mall" mode. It also makes the litters have not been good, so far still left".

from Wowo mall data show that as of the end of 2013, the total number of merchants settled in Wowo mall has more than 20 million. In addition to high-end business outdoors, a number of large shopping district as a whole into the electricity supplier last year, a major feature of the electricity supplier industry. Since 2013, Wanda has MALL, Cade, Oteri J, Aegean Sea and a series of large merchants settled in Wowo mall, and launched a combination of online and offline marketing activities, the whole district linkage, online promotion to attract attention, offline experience gather flow, formed between merchants, merchants and consumers "win-win situation. In order to promote businesses to improve product quality and service quality, Wowo mall in China launched the "2013 annual festival star traders selection > ·

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